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East Coast Road Trip

4 States, 2 Provinces, 3 adults & 1 baby.

Update | July 2015

Three weeks ago I headed to Miami with two of my closest friends. We stayed at the insanely amazing Freehand Miami and spent the days working, swimming and exploring. One of the days was spent doing a photoshoot for one of my favourite places... the Soho Beach House. Needless to say, the sun, the ocean, the ambiance and the company made for one awesome mini-vacay. Below are some shots from the trip... 

Updates | June 2015

The past couple of weeks have been filled with new + exciting assignments (including documenting Food Trucks for Toronto Life, photographing Field Trip 2015 for For The Love Of Food, capturing Street Style for the Kit Magazine, photographing interior spaces for Roy Banse Design, taking portraits for the Soho House Toronto, and most recently documenting the "getting ready" process of the talented ballet dancers from The National Ballet of Canada's production of Sleeping Beauty). Below are some snaps from this shoot for FASHION magazine

If Only You Knew | By Robert Desnos

Far from me and like the stars, the sea and all the trappings of poetic myth, Far from me but here all the same without your knowing, Far from me and even more silent because I imagine you endlessly. Far from me, my lovely mirage and eternal dream, you cannot know. If you only knew. Far from me and even farther yet from being unaware of me and still unaware. Far from me because you undoubtedly do not love me or, what amounts to the same thing, that I doubt you do. Far from me because you consciously ignore my passionate desires. Far from me because you are cruel. If you only knew. Far from me, joyful as a flower dancing in the river at the tip of its aquatic stem, sad as seven p.m. in a mushroom bed. Far from me yet silent in my presence and still joyful like a stork-shaped hour falling from on high. Far from me at the moment when the stills are singing, at the moment when the silent and loud sea curls up on its white pillows. If you only knew. Far from me, o my ever-present torment, far from me in the magnificent noise of oyster shells crushed by a night owl passing a restaurant at first light. If you only knew. Far from me, willed, physical mirage. Far from me there's an island that turns aside when ships pass. Far from me a calm herd of cattle takes the wrong path, pulls up stubbornly at the edge of a steep cliff, far from me, cruel woman. Far from me, a shooting star falls into the poet's nightly bottle. He corks it right away and from then on watches the star enclosed in the glass, the constellations born on its walls, far from me, you are so far from me. If you only knew. Far from me a house has just been built. A bricklayer in white coveralls at the top of the scaffolding sings a very sad little song and, suddenly, in the tray full of mortar, the future of the house appears: lovers' kisses and double suicides nakedness in the bedrooms strange beautiful women and their midnight dreams, voluptuous secrets caught in the act by the parquet floors. Far from me, If you only knew. If you only knew how I love you and, though you do not love me, how happy I am, how strong and proud I am, with your image in my mind, to leave the universe. How happy I am to die for it. If you only knew how the world has yielded to me. And you, beautiful unyielding woman, how you too are my prisoner. O you, far-from-me, who I yield to. If you only knew. 

Rhye | Open

I'm a fool for that shake in your thighs, I'm a fool for that sound in your sighs, I'm a fool for your barely, I'm a fool for your love.

A Little Update.

It has been a busy couple of weeks filled with lots and lots of picture taking. From a Toronto City Guide (for the Soho Toronto), to a Beauty How-To Guide (for the Kit Magazine), to a stunning (and I mean STUNNING) Boho wedding that took me all the way to Wilmington, Delaware...yes, Delaware.
Needless to say, my work has been keeping me on my feet!
Below are some photos from the weekend, including a shot of the bride's gorgeous bouquet.